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Past Plays Arranged by Artistic Director


Joseph Haj: 2015 - present»

Joseph Haj became the Guthrie's eighth artistic director on July 1, 2015.

Joe Dowling: 1995-2015»

Dowling's time at the Guthrie Theater has been marked by a return to regional touring, co-productions and collaborations, and his own dynamic productions of the classics.

Garland Wright: 1986-1995»

Garland Wright wanted a place to seek new questions about "our art, ourselves, and the nature of communicating."

Liviu Ciulei: 1980-1985»

Ciulei was known for his uniquely physical and daring theatrical interpretations. A world-class director, designer and architect, Ciulei began by redesigning the stage.

Alvin Epstein: 1978-1980»

Epstein had worked as an actor and director primarily at the Yale Repertory Theatre. During his 18-month tenure, he introduced many new programs and ideas to Guthrie audiences.

Michael Langham: 1971-1977»

The Langham years, 1971-77, were marked by deft stagings of familiar classics that enjoyed broad appeal.

Interim: 1968-1970»

After Douglas Campbell left in 1967, three seasons passed without an artistic director.

Douglas Campbell: 1966-1967»

In 1966 Guthrie's protégé, actor/director Douglas Campbell took over as Artistic Director. When Campbell left in 1967, there was no Artistic Director again until 1971.

Sir Tyrone Guthrie: 1963-1966»

The Guthrie Theater opened on May 7,1963 with a production of Hamlet directed by Sir Tyrone Guthrie, the theater's founder.