We receive many requests for assistance with academic research projects. While we aren't able to answer every request personally or provide assistance with research, we have compiled a bibliography of information about the Guthrie Theater, Tyrone Guthrie, resident theaters, theater architecture and a few of our productions. Please also refer to the Past Plays and Theater History pages in the About the Guthrie section of this site. Theater scholars and professionals may request information by contacting our reference librarian.

If your school assignment requires you to obtain additional information or to speak with an industry professional and you're considering a Guthrie staff member, we ask that you please complete the form below to request the interview (whether by phone or e-mail) prior to selecting the Guthrie as your research topic. We do our best to respond to interview requests within one week, however due to the volume of inquiries received not all interviews can be accommodated.

Please include in this description the additional information you need that is not currently available elsewhere on the website or in the bibliography.