Immerse yourself in a one-night class with a theater professional, providing an in-depth look at specific techniques and skills. More to come - check back for new offerings.   

Guthrie productions don’t arrive on truck. Nearly everything you see onstage is created from scratch by local artisans, maybe even your neighbor! A play is chosen, a creative team is assembled, actors are cast, and so much more. Join Guthrie artists and staff to discover the collaborative process of bringing a play from the page to the stage, and the secret behind some of our theatrical tricks.

Fee: $15 

Upcoming workshops: 

Saturday, June 3 at 9 a.m.

Sunday in the Park with George 
Saturday, July 8 at 9 a.m.  


The Guthrie’s unique 90-minute classes for groups of 12 or more may be tailored to address a variety of theater topics, including stage combat, Shakespeare, the history of the Guthrie or comedy. There is something for every age and interest!

All classes are taught by professional Guthrie Teaching Artists. The classes take place at the Guthrie Theater unless an offsite location is requested.  

E-mail us at classes@guthrietheater.org to schedule one of the classes below, or to customize a class based on your group’s interests and needs.  





Act It Out: Storytelling
Grades 1-2 or 3-7

Through the art of storytelling, a Guthrie Teaching Artist will theatrically read stories aloud. Afterward, everyone will work together to create and perform a retelling of the story with all the characters!

Act It Out: Playmaking
Grades 3-7

Let your imagination run wild! Using themes from children’s literature, myths and legends, participants will develop a basic understanding of the tools of acting by creating their own barebones theater from scratch.

Act It Out: Wizards, Witches and Ghosts Oh My!
Grades 3-7

What makes some characters in stories magical, supernatural or even a little bit scary? Participants will each become a character and create a scene to share with the audience who will guess at what makes each character special.





Act It Out: Intro to Physical Comedy
Grades 7-12

Are you ready to get serious about being funny? Participants will set out on an adventure to explore theater techniques for a wide variety of physical comedy. Let your humor run wild in a safe and creative environment. 

Duke It Out: An Intro to Stage Combat
Grades 7-12

Learn the secrets of stage combat from an experienced Guthrie Teaching Artist. Discover the tricks to slapping, punching and kicking  without hurting anyone – just like actors do on stage! Don’t worry, Mom, it’s just pretend!

Grades 7-12

Bring Shakespeare’s masterpieces to life! Participants will explore methods for understanding the Bard’s text and new approaches to staging the classics. This class centers on the Guthrie’s current Shakespeare production, unless otherwise requested. 





History of the Guthrie 

The Guthrie opened on May 7, 1963 to a fanfare of excitement throughout the theatrical world. Why did Tyrone Guthrie, a celebrated theater director in Europe and North America, want to establish a major theater in the United States? Why did he choose the Twin Cities? Discover the rich heritage of America's flagship regional theater. 

Acting Games for Beginners

Learn the tricks of the trade from the pros! Rev up your creative juices, tune up your spontaneity and learn to stay in the moment. No experience is necessary, but get ready to play!

Be Heard!

Do you desire to be heard? To be more easily understood? Through exercises and practical application, learn the top tips for speaking with a more motivating, inspiring and commanding voice. 

Duke It Out: Art of Stage Combat

Learn the secrets of stage combat from a professional. Slap, punch and kick in a realistic manner without hurting anyone – just like actors do on stage! No experience necessary! 

Make 'Em Laugh: Physical Comedy 101

Ever wondered, "Why is that so funny?" Learn the elements of physical comedy in this fun and supportive workshop. Discover your inner comedian as you pratfall and clown your way through classic comic scenarios that will leave your friends in stitches!



Youth classes: $20 per participant (handling fee included); minimum 12 participants
Adult classes: $30 per participant (handling fee included); minimum 12 participants
Offsite prices vary based on location. 

Special pricing is available for school groups. E-mail us at classes@guthrietheater.org for more information.