The Guthrie offers opportunities for corporations to hone their employees skills with innovative programs that transform theater skills into business skills.

From team building to effective communication, the theater skills highlighted in our corporate classes can lead to improved job performance, creative thinking, presentation skills and leadership skills. Creating a productive work environment requires imagination, which is why the Guthrie not only offers structured programs on specific themes but the flexibility to customize programs to your company's needs.

Corporate classes can be offered onsite at your business or in the Guthrie Learning Center. Fees vary by class offering and class size. 

How the Guthrie helped Nash Finch put its company's values center stage:
"Core values crucial to enduring companies" -- Star Tribune (8/10/09)

How it pays to think on your feet:
"Why using improvisation to teach business skills is no joke" -- CNN.com (2/18/10) 

Class Selections

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Team Building

Learn improvisational artists' techniques to foster participation and contribution. Participants are guided through a series of improvisation exercises and performances that will leave everyone feeling energized and inspired.

Location: Onsite or in the Guthrie Learning Center
Call 612.225.6172 for availability and price quote.

Actors' Secrets for Powerful Presence

Learn actors' secrets for powerful presence and find your authentic voice. Acquire the skills to engage your listeners, become more easily understood and create impact. Led by one of the Guthrie Theater's leading professional vocal coaches, you will learn techniques on vocal clarity, variety and how to relax under pressure. You will develop an amazing sense of awareness and presence that you can employ in everyday life!

Location: Onsite or in the Guthrie Learning Center 
Call 612.225.6172 for availability and price quote.

Leadership Training

Shakespeare and the Spirit of Leadership: The role of imagination in successful leadership as explored through the works of the Bard. Veteran actor Nathaniel Fuller combines his presentation and performance with your participation to explore how Shakespeare's plays illuminate the challenges of modern leadership. Shakespeare provides powerful insight into the idea that great leaders are made, not born.

Location: Onsite or in the Guthrie Learning Center 
Call 612.225.6172 for availability and price quote.

Multiweek Presentation Skills Training

Acting and communication skills training can be combined to make you a better speaker. Learn the critical skill set required, and how to develop and master those skills. Discover methods for preparing your presentation, tips on how to handle a variety of performance spaces and other nerve-wracking challenges, as well as a logical sequence of vocal warm ups and techniques to make your presentation flawless.

Location: Onsite or in the Guthrie Learning Center
Register online for multiweek sessions beginning in July 2014
Call 612.225.6172 for class dates and times.

Private Coaching

Our teaching artists have coached CEOs, political candidates and transitioning workers in presentation skills, the interview process, general interpersonal communication and everything in between. Through private sessions our teaching artists tailor an action plan to the participant's goals. Each session leverages any number of suitable theatrical exercises to meet one's needs - videotaping, scenario practice and even physical development.

Location: Onsite or in the Guthrie Learning Center
Call 612.225.6172 for coach selections, availability and price quote.

Communication Skills

Scientists tell us we acquire over 90 percent of the total impact of a message from nonverbal factors. What we express or fail to express helps or hinders our message and how it's received. This interactive seminar leaves participants with an understanding of and power over expression and what they're communicating in the corporate setting.

Location: Onsite or in the Guthrie Learning Center
Call 612.225.6172 for availability and price quote.


Bring Guthrie staff, actors and artists to you. From annual meetings to community group gatherings, Guthrie speakers will customize their presentation on a topic of your choice. Previous topics have included (but are not limited to) the History of the Guthrie, Taking Plays from Page to Stage, Professional Theater Careers and The Life of an Actor, among others.

Call 612.225.6172 for speaker options, availability and price quote.

Customized Offsite Events

From public speakers to casual classes, backstage tours and Team building, the Guthrie delivers customizable offsite events that allow for innovation and growth within your company.

Call 612.225.6172 for options and availability and pricing.

To register
: contact Katherine Keljik, Education Coordinator: Classes and Corporate Programs, at 612.225.6172 or by e-mail at KatherineK@guthrietheater.org