The Guthrie Theater can bring innovative and engaging Continuing Legal Education (CLE) to your attorneys.

The Guthrie brings abstract legal issues such as ethics or elimination of bias to life through staged readings of scenes from plays as well as actual legal transcripts. The Guthrie's existing library of unique courses are available for attorneys to view by scheduled appointment on site or online.

For more information about a customized CLE course at your company or to view some of our existing pre-recorded programs, please e-mail Louise Chalfant, Director of Education, at LouiseC@guthrietheater.org

Previous CLEs

A Race to Vote: The Marathon of Seeking Racial Equality in American Voting Rights
2.0 Elimination of Bias credits

Acting on Appearances: The Role of Racial Profiling in the Drafting, Execution and Enforcement of Law
2.5 Elimination of Bias credits

Con Men, Charlatans and Conspirators: Will Attorneys soon see their own "Madoff"?
2.0 Ethics credits

Challenging Gender Bias: Positive Role Models in Theater, Society and Law
2.0 Elimination of Bias credits

Corruption Junction: The Ethical Intersection of Law, Politics, and Human Nature
2.0 Ethics credits

Merchants of Faith: Bias in the Litigation of Religious Belief
2.0 Elimination of Bias credits

Objects of Desire, Derision and Deceit: The Role of Law in Gender Bias
2.0 Elimination of Bias credits

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