The University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater B.F.A. Actor Training Program is dedicated to developing the mind, body, voice and spirit of the actor/artist/scholar. We provide our students with a variety of skills essential to realize the dynamics of performing text of classical stature. The skills acquired during the exploration of classic texts will be applied to contemporary literature drawn from the world repertoire, as well as emerging dramatic forms. Our students are devoted to the pursuit of academic and creative study. We cultivate the actor, artist and scholar by providing a unique curriculum rooted in four guiding principles:

  • An expansive liberal arts education.
  • An intensive studio training curriculum which is committed to the integration of voice, movement and acting within a wide range of styles.
  • An eclectic performing arts experience, with a focus on live theater.
  • A dynamic partnership between the Guthrie Theater and the University of Minnesota.
The combination of experiences under the auspices of both an academic institution and a professional theater offers the student a broader perception of the performing arts community within today's landscape.

We are dedicated to:
  • Fostering the principles of collaboration.
  • Developing the art of ensemble performance.
  • Honoring the integrity of the artistic process.
  • Inspiring the spirit of generosity towards the creative process, fellow artists and the audience.
We seek students from diverse backgrounds and experiences who have a fervent desire to achieve their scholarly aspirations and expand their dramatic imagination. We embrace the continual development of the artist's distinctive voice and encourage students to design their individual paths towards artistic fulfillment. Our goal is to provide the foundation that inspires our students to begin life-long journeys of learning and artistic expression.

Annual auditions for this highly selective program, are held in Minnesota as well as selected sites such as New York, Houston, Chicago and San Francisco.

Find more information at theater.umn.edu

Interested applicants

Contact 612.626.1251, e-mail bfath@umn.edu or send inquiries to:
UofM/Guthrie Theater B.F.A. Actor Training Program
University of Minnesota
580 Rarig Center
330 21st Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

B.F.A. Faculty, Staff and Affiliates

Joseph Price
B.F.A. Program Director

Marcela Lorca
Interim Director of Company Development
Steve Cardamone
Bruce R. Roach

Lucinda Holshue
Michael Cobb
Voice and Speech

Keely Wolter
Voice and Speech Intern

Deb Pearson
B.F.A. Program Specialist
Jeremy Jones
Company Development Manager

Affiliate Faculty
Andrew Cooke, Jim Domenick, Meg Emery, Sean Emery, Annie Enneking, Tyson Forbes, Markell Kiefer, Michelle O'Neill, Aaron Pruesse, Randy Reyes, Ted Roseen, Marciano Silva dos Santos, Brian Sostek, Dario Tangelson, Tina Wallum

The B.F.A. Program is supported by  RBC Wealth Management