The Hampton Celebration is generously supported by the following donors:

Major Support for the Hampton Celebration provided by:

Dr. William W. & Nadine M. McGuire


Executive Producer

Rupert the Wonder Dog Productions 

Patron Producer


Lead Producers

Polly Grose
W. Duncan & Nivin MacMillan Foundation 

Individual Producers

Kathy & Allen Lenzmeier
Frances & Frank Wilkinson
David A. Wilson & Michael J. Peterman

Major Support Provided by:

The Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation
The George Family Foundation, Bill & Penny George
National Endowment for the Arts

We are honored to provide major support for the Hampton Celebration and to cheer the Guthrie Theater's ambitious effort to expand and explore the model of programming the work of a single artist on multiple stages simultaneously. To that end, and building on the success of the Kushner Celebration, the Guthrie is again devoting its resources to the ideas, insight and talent of one of the great film and theater writers of our time.
Christopher Hampton's writing is dynamic, powerfully articulate and imbued with passion. It is a particular honor to have the world premiere of Mr. Hampton's provocative new drama, Appomattox, at the Guthrie. We hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities presented by this Celebration to engage in dialogue within our community - and with Mr. Hampton himself - about the issues raised in his plays. These conversations provide the potential to provoke questions about critical issues that still challenge our society, including racial inequity and how "the other" continues to be objectified to this day.
For nearly 50 years the Guthrie has been a consistent and frequently unique venue for transformative and critical thought - both for those in our immediate community as well as our broader society. We hope that our own support, together with that of man others, will ensure the Guthrie's ability to fulfill its full artistic potential and to continue to flourish as a national and community cultural asset for the next 50 years.

~ Bill and Nadine McGuire

From my first visit as an 8th grader, through college and early adulthood rush-line visits, and now, as a season subscriber and donor, the Guthrie has almost always been an important part of my life. There is just something so wonderful about good theater. It is a communal event where, in the best case, the audience's energy and the actors' energy combine synergistically into something truly spectacular. I am honored to be a major donor for our 50th anniversary and the Hampton Celebration. I hope others will join me in supporting this phenomenal civic institution that is part - for me a big part - of what makes the Twin Cities so special.

~ Rupert the Wonder Dog Productions

I supported the Hampton Celebration because I wanted to be part of something special for the Guthrie and our entire community. Being a Producer of the Celebration gave me that opportunity, as Christopher Hampton is one of the great film and theater writers of our time. Kudos to the Guthrie for bringing his work to Minnesota on such a grand scale.

~ Anonymous