Juno and the Paycock»

Juno and the Paycock
May 23 - June 28, 2015
McGuire Proscenium Stage
One of the great plays of the 20th century, Juno and the Paycock is an epic tale of one family’s survival in Dublin following the Irish Civil War. Jack Boyle, known to his neighbors as the “paycock,” is out of work and determined to stay that way. He and his sidekick Joxer spend their time drinking and playing cards while Juno, the matriarch, attempts to keep their family together. When the family learns of an inheritance from a distant relative, the money is spent before it even arrives. But will they transcend the events that conspire to keep them in their place? 

Choir Boy»

Choir Boy
June 16 - July 05, 2015
Dowling Studio
The Charles R. Drew Prep School for Boys is dedicated to the education of strong, ethical black men. Pharus is confident and charismatic, and he wants nothing more than to take his rightful place as leader of the school’s legendary gospel choir. But his differences lead classmates to lash out with slurs tinged with more than a little jealousy. Can he find his way inside the hallowed halls of this institution if he sings in his own key?

The Music Man»

The Music Man
June 20 - August 23, 2015
Wurtele Thrust Stage

Summer isn’t complete without seeing a spectacular musical at the Guthrie. You know the story about the fast-talking salesman and his money-making scheme to form a boys band in small-town Iowa. But you’ve never seen it here and there’s no better time than the present to experience this all-American gem.

Stage Kiss»

Stage Kiss
July 18 - August 30, 2015
McGuire Proscenium Stage
Does art imitate life? Or does life imitate art? When two actors with a history are thrown together as romantic leads in a forgotten 1930s melodrama, they quickly lose touch with reality as the story onstage follows them offstage. Make a date night for one of the hottest new plays to hit the stage.

To Kill a Mockingbird»

September 12 - October 18, 2015
Wurtele Thrust Stage
Set in the Deep South, this timeless story based on Harper Lee’s beloved Pulitzer Prize winning novel is told through the eyes of six-year-old Scout, the feisty daughter of lawyer Atticus Finch. As a tug of war between justice and racism envelopes the community, Atticus and his family face violence and hatred with courage and compassion.

The Events»

September 30 - November 01, 2015
McGuire Proscenium Stage
A response to the 2011 Norway attacks, this internationally acclaimed production delves into faith, politics and reason, and features music sung by a different community choir at each performance. The Events is a daring theatrical event that explores our desire to fathom the unfathomable and asks how far forgiveness will stretch in the face of atrocity.

A Christmas Carol»

November 12 - December 27, 2015
Wurtele Thrust Stage
The perennial favorite that received a new adaptation by Crispin Whittell in 2010 continues our holiday tradition for the 41st year. Joe Chvala will direct the production for a fourth consecutive year.

The Cocoanuts»

November 14, 2015 - January 03, 2016
McGuire Proscenium Stage
The service stinks but the gags are four-star in this Marx Brothers romp, a jazz-age musical with songs by Irving Berlin. This deliciously silly musical is perfect holiday entertainment.


January 16 - February 21, 2016
Wurtele Thrust Stage
Incoming Artistic Director Joseph Haj makes his directorial debut at the Guthrie with his celebrated take on Shakespeare’s romance. Pericles sets out to woo a princess and sails headlong into harrowing adventure. Pursued by an evil king, Pericles is blown from port to exotic port. Along the way, he finds the love of his life, then loses her and their infant daughter in a storm-tossed sea. In true storybook fashion, miracles reunite the lost with those who love them, bringing joy and safe harbor at last.

The Real Inspector Hound/The Critic»

February 23 - March 27, 2016
McGuire Proscenium Stage
Experience a rollicking madcap night of life in the theater with two one-act comedies directed by Tony Award nominee Michael Kahn. From local comic mastermind/adaptor Jeffrey Hatcher comes The Critic, a whirlwind comedy about bad theater, worse playwrights and – worst of all – critics. Over-the-top antics continue with Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound, an ingenious play-within-a-play in which two critics find themselves as unsuspecting suspects while watching a classic whodunit.


April 09 - May 15, 2016
Wurtele Thrust Stage
Elwood P. Dowd is charming, lovable and kind with just one catch: his best friend is a six-foot-tall invisible rabbit named Harvey. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Harvey is a delightfully eccentric comedy for the whole family.

Trouble in Mind»

May 07 - June 05, 2016
McGuire Proscenium Stage
It is 1957 in New York and rehearsals have begun for a racially integrated production, one the company hopes will be the next hit. But when prejudices and stereotypes emerge, African American actress Wiletta Mayer faces a difficult decision: should she swallow her pride and compromise her values to achieve her lifelong dream of playing a leading role on Broadway.

South Pacific»

June 18 - August 28, 2016
Wurtele Thrust Stage
One of the most celebrated and lauded musicals in American theater, this Rodgers and Hammerstein classic contains a treasure trove of memorable songs from “Bali Hai” to “There is Nothin’ Like a Dame” to “Some Enchanted Evening.”


July 16 - August 28, 2016
McGuire Proscenium Stage
A 2015 Tony Award nominee for Best Play and winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize, this 90-minute one-act has been described as a “blistering social drama about racial prejudices” (Variety) and a “combustible powder keg of identity politics” (Bloomberg). Don’t miss this conversation-starter from one of the most promising playwrights in theater today.