My Fair Lady»

My Fair Lady
June 28 - August 31, 2014
Wurtele Thrust Stage
You know the story, the songs and the characters, now see them come to life for the first time in Guthrie history. Professor Henry Higgins loves language. Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle yearns to speak like a lady. Sparks fly when his curiosity and her determination launch a daring social experiment designed to turn a lower-class ugly duckling into a high-society swan – with unexpected results for both of them.

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike»

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
July 19 - August 31, 2014
McGuire Proscenium Stage
In this hilarious comedy of ill manners, the 2013 Tony Award winner for Best Play, Vanya and his adopted sister Sonia are living a quiet life in the Pennsylvania farmhouse where they grew up, while their sister Masha travels the world as a movie star. Just as their cleaning woman issues a warning about terrible events in their future, Masha returns for an unannounced visit with her 20-something boy toy Spike in tow – and so begins an unforgettable weekend building to a fever pitch of rivalry, regret and racket.

A Guthrie Experience for Actors in Training 2014»

A Guthrie Experience for Actors in Training 2014
July 30 - August 03, 2014
Dowling Studio

The White Snake»

The White Snake
September 09 - October 19, 2014
McGuire Proscenium Stage
Tony Award-winning director Mary Zimmerman brings an ancient and beloved Chinese fable to life in a dazzling new adaptation hailed as “strikingly beautiful” by National Public Radio. Based on a story as popular as CinderellaThe White Snake chronicles the tale of a gentle serpent spirit who lives for centuries coiled on a mountaintop.

The Heidi Chronicles»

The Heidi Chronicles
September 13 - October 26, 2014
Wurtele Thrust Stage
Witty, insightful and poignant, The Heidi Chronicles traces the coming of age of Heidi Holland from high school in the radical ʼ60s to her career as an art historian in the heartless ʼ80s. As Heidi determines her place in society and how to juggle success and failures in work, friendship, romance and motherhood, The Heidi Chronicles asks the ever-present question: Can women have it all? 

A Steady Rain»

October 14 - November 02, 2014
Dowling Studio
Joey and Denny have been best friends since kindergarten, and after working together for several years as policemen in Chicago, they are practically family: Joey helps out with Denny's wife and kids; Denny keeps Joey away from the bottle. But when a domestic disturbance call takes a turn for the worse, their friendship is put on the line. The result is a harrowing journey into a moral gray area where trust and loyalty struggle for survival against a sobering backdrop.

A Christmas Carol»

November 13 - December 28, 2014
Wurtele Thrust Stage
This year marks the 40th annual production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the perennial favorite that received a new adaptation by Crispin Whittell in 2010 and continues the Guthrie’s holiday tradition for families across the region. Now is the time to experience this cherished production with your loved ones!

The Cocktail Hour»

November 22, 2014 - January 04, 2015
McGuire Proscenium Stage
When your family is in town for the holidays, we’ve got the perfect way to toast the season! With delightfully witty wordplay, A.R. Gurney’s The Cocktail Hour is a heartfelt comedy of manners that pits artistic pursuit against family loyalty.

A Midsummer Night's Dream»

February 07 - March 29, 2015
Wurtele Thrust Stage
Dowling and director/choreographer David Bolger (H.M.S. Pinafore, Swimming with My Mother) will direct the beloved play on our signature thrust, interpreting its four cleverly woven stories in a moonlit forest on a midsummer night like you’ve never seen before. Don’t miss this joyously immersive experience suitable for theatergoers 9 to 90.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court»

February 14 - March 01, 2015
Dowling Studio
Wander with Mark Twain as he time travels from the 19th century to 6th-century England through the eyes of Hank Morgan of Hartford, Connecticut. Adapted by acclaimed playwright and screenwriter Jeffrey Hatcher and directed by The Acting Company Artistic Director Ian Belknap, this clever satirical romp is a must-see.

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play»

March 31 - May 10, 2015
McGuire Proscenium Stage
What will endure when the apocalypse arrives? Anne Washburn’s imaginative dark comedy begins immediately after the fall of civilization with a group of people trying to recreate the iconic “Cape Feare” episode of “The Simpsons.” Seven years later, the same clan is recounting episodes of the show professionally. Flash forward 75 years, and the story is told in an entirely different way.

The Crucible»

April 11 - May 24, 2015
Wurtele Thrust Stage
For the first time in four decades, Arthur Miller’s masterpiece of good and evil will be revisited at the Guthrie. It’s 1692 and a dark magic possesses Salem. The God-fearing citizens are on their guard and no one is beyond suspicion. With powerful notions of faith and uncertainty, and truth and deception – burning as feverishly today as the day it was written – this Tony Award-winning masterpiece of the American canon is a must-see.

Juno and the Paycock»

May 23 - June 28, 2015
McGuire Proscenium Stage
One of the great plays of the 20th century, Juno and the Paycock is an epic tale of one family’s survival in Dublin following the Irish Civil War. Jack Boyle, known to his neighbors as the “paycock,” is out of work and determined to stay that way. He and his sidekick Joxer spend their time drinking and playing cards while Juno, the matriarch, attempts to keep their family together. When the family learns of an inheritance from a distant relative, the money is spent before it even arrives. But will they transcend the events that conspire to keep them in their place? 

Choir Boy»

June 16 - July 05, 2015
Dowling Studio
The Charles R. Drew Prep School for Boys is dedicated to the creation of strong, ethical black men. Pharus is confident and charismatic, and he wants nothing more than to take his rightful place as leader of the school’s legendary gospel choir. But his differences lead classmates to lash out with slurs tinged with more than a little jealousy. Can he find his way inside the hallowed halls of this institution if he sings in his own key

The Music Man»

June 20 - August 23, 2015
Wurtele Thrust Stage

Summer isn’t complete without seeing a spectacular musical at the Guthrie. You know the story about the fast-talking salesman and his money-making scheme to form a boys band in small-town Iowa. But you’ve never seen it here and there’s no better time than the present to experience this all-American gem.

Stage Kiss»

July 18 - August 30, 2015
McGuire Proscenium Stage
Does art imitate life? Or does life imitate art? When two actors with a history are thrown together as romantic leads in a forgotten 1930s melodrama, they quickly lose touch with reality as the story onstage follows them offstage. Make a date night for one of the hottest new plays to hit the stage.