When We Are Married

When We Are Married
July 04 - August 30, 2009
Wurtele Thrust Stage

Married life is about to get interesting. Set on a September evening around 1908, this timeless British comedy centers on three couples who gather to celebrate their joint silver wedding anniversaries. As the evening progresses one outrageous secret is revealed: the parson who married them wasn’t authorized to perform marriages, thus, they were never actually married and these uptight, distinguished couples have been “living in sin” for twenty-five years. When each couple samples a taste of single life once again, their relationships are vigorously and hilariously put to the test, and the elephant in the room can’t be ignored. Do they really want to be married after all?

An accomplished British novelist, essayist and playwright, J.B. Priestley is perhaps best known for his play An Inspector Calls. Written in 1938, When We Are Married remains an audience favorite today and will be directed by Associate Artistic Director John Miller-Stephany (The Constant Wife, 1776, Jane Eyre).

Run time

2 hours and 40 minutes including two intermissions


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Fred Dyson
Robert O. Berdahl
Councillor Albert Parker
Raye Birk
Mrs. Northrop
Barbara Bryne
Maria Helliwell
Helen Carey
Ruby Birtle
Maggie Chestovich
Clara Soppitt
Patricia Conolly
Alderman Joseph Helliwell
Dennis Creaghan
Rev. Clement Mercer
Bob Davis
Herbert Soppitt
Peter Michael Goetz
Gerald Forbes
Jonas Goslow
Annie Parker
Linda Kelsey
Henry Ormonroyd
Colin McPhillamy
Nancy Holmes
Christine Weber
Lottie Grady
Sally Wingert

Artistic Staff

John Miller-Stephany
Set Designer
Frank Hallinan Flood
Costume Designer
Mathew J. LeFebvre
Lighting Designer
Marcus Dilliard
Sound Designer
Scott W. Edwards
Dramaturg Carla Steen
Voice and Dialect Coach
Gillian Lane-Plescia
Marcela Lorca
Music Consultant
Andrew Cooke
Stage Manager
Chris A. Code
Assistant Stage Manager
Jason Clusman
Assistant Director
Ian Belknap


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production photos T. Charles Erickson