January 30 - April 03, 2010
Wurtele Thrust Stage
In this tale of treachery and ambition, a brave soldier and nobleman, Macbeth, encounters three weïrd sisters who prophesy his path to greatness. When their predictions begin to come true, Macbeth and his ambitious wife decide to do whatever is necessary to ensure their rise to power. They first hatch a plot to kill the king and take his place, and though all goes according to plan, they soon realize a single murder isn’t enough to maintain the throne. Obsession and paranoia get the best of them, driving the couple down a path of destruction on a quest for glory, even as the kingdom crumbles between their bloody fingers. Macbeth, Shakespeare’s shortest and darkest tragedy, performed here with no intermission, moves with the rapid pace of the murder thriller it is, exposing the politics of power and the corruption it breeds.

This production contains graphic violence.

Sponsored by  RBC Wealth Management and the Minnesota State Arts Board
Media Sponsore: Kare 11 


Play Guide created by the Guthrie Theater
Program created for the 11th Annual Shakespeare Classic

Run time

2 hours 5 minutes with no intermission


 Weïrd Sister Barbara Bryne
 Weïrd Sister/Doctor Isabell Monk O'Connor
   Weïrd Sister/Gentlewoman Suzanne Warmanen
 Duncan Raye Birk
 Malcolm John Skelley
 Donalbain/Servant Ben Rosenbaum
 Lenox J.C. Cutler
 Rosse Bob Davis
 Angus James Noah
 Menteth Peter Christian Hansen
 Cathness Tyson Forbes
 Macbeth Eric Heger
 Lady Macbeth
Michelle O'Neill
 Banquo Bill McCallum
 Macduff Robert O. Berdahl
 Lady Macduff Sun Mee Chomet
 Sergeant/Seyton Sam Bardwell
 Porter Kris L. Nelson
 Fleance Nicholas Saxton
Graham Zima
 Macduff's son Noah Coon
Charlie Lincoln 
 Macduff's daughter Elizabeth McCormick
Nina Moschkau

Artistic Staff

 Director Joe Dowling
 Set and Costume Designer
Monica Frawley
 Lighting Designer
Frances Aronson
 Composer Adam Wernick
 Sound Designer
Scott W. Edwards
 Fight Director
John Stead
 Voice and Language Consultant
Andrew Wade
 Dramaturg Carla Steen
 Movement Marcela Lorca
 Production Stage Manager
Russell W. Johnson
 Assistant Stage Managers
Chris A. Code
Michele Harms
 Assistant Director
Annelise Christ

Photo Gallery

production photos by Michal Daniel