Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet
January 09 - January 31, 2010
McGuire Proscenium Stage

On the heels of last year's co-production of Henry V, The Acting Company and the Guthrie partner for a second year to present a national tour of Shakespeare's iconic romance. When Romeo Montague is struck by the sight of young Juliet Capulet at a dance, he determines to pursue her despite the feud between their two prominent families. Swords clash, everlasting love is promised and a treacherous sleeping potion is swallowed in the greatest love story of all time. By turns delightful and dangerous, Romeo and Juliet perfectly embodies the passion of youth.

Sponsored by Delta and and UnitedHealth Group / Ingenix


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Watch a synopsis in American Sign Language with captions

Run time

2 hours 50 minutes with one intermission


 Abraham/Friar John/Watch Jesse Bonnell
 Friar Laurence Raymond L. Chapman
 Juliet Laura Esposito
Benvolio Hugh Kennedy
Lord Montague/Capulet Guest Jason McDowell-Green
Jamie Smithson
 Nurse Elizabeth Stahlmann
 Mercutio/Prince William Sturdivant
 Lord Capulet
Chris Thorn
 Perrin Myxolydia Tyler
 Romeo Sonny Valicenti
 Lady Capulet
Christine Weber
 Tybalt/Apothecary/Watch Isaac Woofter

Artistic Staff

Penny Metropulos
Set Designer
Neil Patel
Costume Designer
Mathew J. LeFebvre
 Lighting Designer Michael Chybowski
Music Composition
and Direction
Victor Zupanc
 Sound Designer Scott W. Edwards 
 Voice and Speech
Andrew Wade
Assistant Voice and
Speech Consultant
Sara Phillips
 Fight Director Felix Ivanov
 Choreographer Marcela Lorca
 Production Stage Manager Karen Parlato
 Assistant Stage Manager
Nick Tochelli
Staff Director Corey Atkins

Photo Gallery

production photos by Michal Daniel