Singled Out: A Festival of Emerging Artists

Singled Out: A Festival of Emerging Artists
January 14 - January 24, 2010
Dowling Studio

A two-week festival of performance from local companies and artists presenting the best work of the Twin Cities small theater scene. These short works will be culled from the Minnesota Fringe Festival, church basements, cabaret theaters, abandoned warehouses or wherever the best work is found. This is a chance for people who are interested in what is bubbling up to see young companies at work.


Four Humors Theater’s production of
Mortem Capiendum

written by Jason Ballweber, Brant Miller, Nick Ryan and Matt Spring

Easily one of the most exciting young companies to emerge from the Minnesota Fringe Festival scene in the past few years, Four Humors Theater features a group of young, smart and very funny actor/writers with a strong background in improvisation, who “make the beautiful foolish and the foolish beautiful.” The group returns to their 2008 Minnesota Fringe Festival hit Mortem Capiendum, a fresh but surprisingly dark work, offering a humorous and oddly philosophical meditation on consciousness and death. Marvel at this mock traveling medicine show, as three con-men offering a tonic with seemingly miraculous properties begin to believe their own pitch. 60 minutes with no intermission.

Sandbox Theatre’s production of
June of Arc

created by Sandbox Theatre
written by Ryan Hill

This highly intriguing show, with the company’s trademark visual presentation and theatrical gesture, offers a peek under the apron of the paragon of motherly virtue – June Cleaver! A meta-riff on “Leave it to Beaver” and 1950s social mores, this show was a sell-out at the 2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival, where the performance of Heather Stone – as a sort of Mrs. Cleaver with her repressed psyche leaking out – was heralded as being worth the experience alone. Love, resentment, comedy, aviation, snickerdoodles: this show has it all. With live-action 1950s commercials! 40 minutes with no intermission.

Lamb Lays with Lion's production of
The Black Arts
created by the ensemble
directed by Jeremey Catterton

This collaboratively developed work, inspired by a new wave of “hard rock” magicians, is a sincere magic show that strives against disruption. Led by Jeremey Catterton, a graduate of the first University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater B.F.A. Actor Training Program class, this adventurous young company has presented its original and experimental theater at many small venues around town, with this work undoubtedly exploring unique and radical new forms of performance as the company strives to become “a leading force behind the thrust into a new age of art.” 60 minutes with no intermission.  

This production contains adult content and strong language.

The New Theatre Group’s production of
American Sexy

by Trista Baldwin
directed by Brian Balcom

Headed by frequent Guthrie assistant director Brian Balcom, this production from the New Theatre Group enjoyed a successful run during the 2008 Minnesota Fringe Festival. Set during spring break, this play, by McKnight Advancement Grant recipient and two-time Jerome Fellow Trista Baldwin, follows four college students en route to carefree fling in Sin City, when an unexpected stop at the Grand Canyon reveals depths for which none of them are prepared. Trusts are broken and relationships pushed to the edge when emotional needs come into conflict with sexual behavior - caught on tape. 60 minutes with no intermission.

This production contains smoking, brief nudity, adult subject matter and strong language. It is not suitable for children.

Programming in the Dowling Studio is sponsored by Digital River and TRAVELERS

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Photos by Aaron Fenster, Rich Fleischman, Rachael Zuleger and Emma Freeman Photography