A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire
July 03 - August 29, 2010
Wurtele Thrust Stage

One of America's most iconic plays, A Streetcar Named Desire begins on a steamy afternoon in the heart of New Orleans as Blanche DuBois arrives on the doorstep of her younger sister Stella and Stella's sexy, yet brutish husband Stanley. With a trunk filled with jewels and furs to her name, Blanche settles into their two-room apartment, painting a wistful and romantic portrait of her life as a styled Southern belle in Mississippi, all the while failing to complete the mysterious picture with details of her unexpected arrival and unknown departure. As Blanche's fabrications wane and her needs multiply, Stanley's skepticism boils, driving a deep wedge between them. The tension grows as thick as the humid night air until a final plea of passion and desperation sparks an explosive encounter that changes them forever. With a pulsating underscore of music and memory that swells with the heat of pure emotion, A Streetcar Named Desire delivers an unforgettable dramatic ride, filled with love, loss and the dream of what's to come.

This production contains smoking. 




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Run time

3 hours including intermission


A Young Collector
Liam Benzvi
 Doctor Raye Birk
 Stanley Kowalski
Ricardo Antonio Chavira
 Mexican Woman
Yolanda Cotterall
 Blanche DuBois
Gretchen Egolf
 Nurse Beth Gilleland
        Harold "Mitch" Mitchell
Brian Keane
 Eunice Hubbell
Ann Michels
 Stella Kowalski Stacia Rice
 Steve Hubbell Steve Sweere
 Pablos Gonzales
Dario Tangelson
Negro Woman
Regina Marie Williams

Artistic Staff

John Miller-Stephany
 Set Designer
Todd Rosenthal
Costume Designer 
Mathew J. LeFebvre
Lighting Designer
Peter Mumford
 Sound Designer
Scott W. Edwards
 Composer Adam Wernick
Michael Lupu
Voice and Dialect Coach
Elisa Carlson
 Fight Director
Robin H. McFarquhar
 Movement Marcela Lorca
Stage Manager
Chris A. Code
Assistant Stage Manager
Elizabeth R. MacNally
 Assistant Director
Sarah Gioia

Photo Gallery

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production photos by T. Charles Erickson