Arms and the Man

Arms and the Man
March 19 - May 08, 2011
McGuire Proscenium Stage

A romantic comedy armed with chocolate.

As a young lady awaits the return of her heroic fiancé from war, a disheveled soldier sneaks into her bedroom fleeing the fight. Finding his simplicity more alluring than her fiancé’s arrogant posturing, she’s faced with singling out the real man for her. Will it be the “accidental hero” who is more toy
than soldier? Or the pragmatic “coward” who comes armed with chocolates instead of bullets? Crackling with wit, irony and charm, Shaw’s romantic comedy pokes fun at the dangers of bravado in battle and idealistic notions of love.

Please note: Smoking occurs onstage during this performance.



Play Guide created by the Guthrie Theater
VIDEO: costuming Arms and the Man

Run time

2 hours 10 minutes including intermission


 Nicola J.C. Cutler
  Major Paul Petkoff
Peter Michael Goetz
 Catherine Petkoff
Kate Eifrig
 Bluntschli Jim Lichtscheidl
 Louka Summer Hagen
 Raina Petkoff
Mariko Nakasone
Russian Officer
Jason Rojas
        Major Sergius Saranoff Michael Schantz

Artistic Staff

 Director Ethan McSweeny
 Set Designer Walt Spangler
 Costume Designer
Murell Horton
 Lighting Design
Robert Wierzel
 Sound Designer
Richard Woodbury
 Dramaturg Carla Steen
 Speech and Dialect Coaches Wendy Waterman
Erika Bailey
 Movement Marcela Lorca
 Stage Manager
Martha Kulig
 Assistant Stage Manager Timothy Markus
 Assistant Director
Patrick Walsh

Photo Gallery

Production photos by Michal Daniel