An Iliad

October 01 - October 20, 2013 in the Dowling Studio

Just 20 chances to see one of the best performances of 2013! An Iliad features Guthrie regular Stephen Yoakam in a solo performance the Star Tribune hailed a “tour de force” and City Pages called “riveting!”

"Every time I sing this song, I hope it's the last time." So says The Poet as he digs deep to sing Homer's epic story of war, honor, violence and the Greek siege of the city of Troy. He's told this story for centuries, conjuring the heroes and battles for different cultures and eras. Now in the shadow of war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, he unleashes the story's power for a modern audience. As The Poet recites, comments and chats, he compels his audience to connect with his story, to feel what he feels, to believe in the importance of this story. Maybe if he tells the story one more time, the violence will end.

An Iliad premiered in 2010 and has been lauded by critics across the country, including The New York Times this spring: "Mr. O'Hare and Ms. Peterson have telescoped the mighty expanses of Homer's great poem into an evening that scales the conflict of the Trojan War down to an intimate solo show illuminating both the heroism and the horror of warfare."

"Actor Stephen Yoakam portrays this poet -- a prophet really -- who scalds our conscience with a celebration of war far more powerful than any condemnation." ~Star Tribune

"But it's also a visually arresting, sumptuously performed piece of theater that is intellectually and emotionally engaging. ... It's a rangy, eclectic and sometimes electric performance, filled with bravura moments." ~Pioneer Press


Run time: 95 minutes with no intermission.
The production contains strong language.
Seating in the Dowling Studio is general admission and begins 30 minutes before curtain. After the show begins, patrons who leave the theater will not be readmitted. 



                          The Poet
Stephen Yoakam

Artistic Staff

Benjamin McGovern
Set Designer
Michael Hoover
Costume Designer
Christine A. Richardson
Lighting Designer
Tom Mays
Sound/Music Composition
Greg Brosofske
Carla Steen
Stage Manager
Tree O'Halloran
 Assistant Director
Mel Day

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Stephen Yoakam in An Iliad
Stephen Yoakam in An Iliad
Stephen Yoakam in An Iliad
Stephen Yoakam in An Iliad
Stephen Yoakam in An Iliad
production photos by Aaron Fenster


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