September 29 - November 11, 2012 on the McGuire Proscenium Stage

April 1865. Ulysses S. Grant, general of the armies of the United States, meets Robert E. Lee, general of the confederate forces, at Appomattox Court House to sign the treaty that will end the bloodiest war in U.S. history. The days preceding the signing are depicted through the eyes of President Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary, of Julia Grant and Mary Custis Lee and of others who were on the front lines of history. Will this be the healing act needed to bring a divided country back together? February 1965. St. James Baptist Church deacon Jimmie Lee Jackson is shot by an Alabama state trooper during a peaceful protest for civil rights. The incident provides the spark for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s protest march from Selma to Montgomery and for Lyndon Johnson to galvanize his political influence to push the Voting Rights Act through Congress. Separated by 100 years and 600 miles, the play's events are linked by issues at the core of the American soul: freedom, rights, race and a stubborn belief in and hope for a brighter future.

"Rarely do I get excited over a play ... This is an exception. I hope that as many people as possible can go to see Appomattox ... so that we can generate a healthy conversation around something that's very important, and very timely. This play could be very helpful to our social health as a people."  ~Prof. Mahmoud El-Kati, on "KFAI's "Conversations with Al McFarlane," October 16, 2012

This production contains mature subject matter, adult language and smoking.
Run time: 2 hours and 55 minutes including one intermission.


Col. Ely S. Parker/
M. Cochise Anderson
Ulysses S. Grant/
Nicholas Katzenbach
Mark Benninghofen
Union Guard/Jimmie Lee Jackson/
John Lewis
Ernest Bentley
Confederate Officer/
Trooper Fowler/George Wallace
Mark Boyett
Civilian/David Porter/Captain/
James Bonard Fowler
David Anthony Brinkley
 Waitress Shá Cage
Edward P. Alexander/Union Officer/
Trooper/Cartha "Deke" DeLoach
Stephen Cartmell
Old Man/
Cager Lee
Danny Robinson Clark
Abraham Lincoln/
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Harry Groener
T. Morris Chester/
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Shawn Hamilton
Mrs. Dorsey/Old Woman/
Viola Jackson
Tonia Jackson
Robert E. Lee/
Richard Russell
Philip Kerr
Mary Custis Lee
Karen Landry
John Wilkes Booth/John Rawlins/
Lee Harvey Oswald/Jack Valenti
Michael Milligan
Elizabeth Keckley/
Coretta Scott King
Greta Oglesby
Howell Cobb/Medical Officer/
Edgar Ray Killen
Richard Ooms
Julia Grant/
Viola Liuzzo
Angela Pierce
Wilmer McLean/
J. Edgar Hoover
Brian Reddy
 Frederick Douglass/
Disabled Man
Joe Nathan Thomas
Mary Todd Lincoln/
Lady Bird Johnson
Sally Wingert


Artistic Staff

David Esbjornson
Set Designer
Thomas Lynch
Costume Designer
Michael Krass
Lighting Designer
Jeff Croiter
Sound Designer
Scott W. Edwards
Projection Designer
Sven Ortel
Jo Holcomb
Carla Steen
Voice and Dialect Coach
D'Arcy Smith
Marcela Lorca
Stage Management
Tree O'Halloran
        Assistant Stage Management
Chris A. Code
Assistant Director
John Heimbuch



Appomattox opening night photo
Appomattox opening night photo
Appomattox opening night photo
Appomattox opening night photo
Appomattox opening night photo
Appomattox production photo
Appomattox production photo
Appomattox production photo
Appomattox production photo
Appomattox production photo
Appomattox production photo
Appomattox production photos
Appomattox production photo
Appomattox production photo
Appomattox production photo
production photos by Michael Brosilow and Allen Brisson-Smith; opening night photos by Aaron Fenster


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