April 13 - April 23, 2017 on the McGuire Proscenium Stage

Described as “a parable for our times,” Battlefield uses four actors and a musician to evoke the apocalyptic aftermath of a great war between rival members of the same family. Yudishtira, the new king, is grief-stricken and aghast at the horrors his victory has wrought. As the story begins, Yudishtira learns he killed his afore unknown half-brother in battle, and, falling deeper into despair, he seeks solace in the wisdom of sages. A series of animal fables unfold, often overlapping and nesting within each other, each playfully exploring and facing questions of responsibility, justice and fate.


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Sun, Tue, Wed eves; weekday mats $54 $44 $34
Thu, Fri eves; Sat, Sun mats $62 $52 $42
Sat eves $67 $57 $47
Previews (Apr 13) $49 $25 $15

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