Julius Caesar

January 14 - February 05, 2012 in the Dowling Studio

Featuring a contemporary staging with up-and-coming talent, this engrossing political thriller portrays the life-and-death struggle for power in Rome. Even as the people of Rome celebrate Caesar’s victory over Pompey, he is suspected of becoming too powerful for his own good and friends and enemies conspire to assassinate him. Despite warnings to beware the Ides of March, Caesar goes to the senate and is killed, leaving the future of Rome in question.

A partnership between the Guthrie and The Acting Company, this bold interpretation captures the energy of the current American political landscape, from front-and-center rallies, protests and conventions, to behind-the-scenes deal making and strategizing. Don’t miss this action-packed drama, asking what happens when political convictions create conflict, in the Guthrie’s most intimate space.

Run time: 2 hours 10 minutes including intermission.



Ernest Bentley
Calpurnia Kaliswa Brewster
  Soothsayer/Cinna the Poet
Caleb Carlson
Ray Chapman
Julius Caesar
Bjorn DuPaty
Mark Antony
Zachary Fine
Whitney Hudson
         Metellus Cimber/Octavius Caesar
Joseph Midyett
Kevin Orton
Decius Brutus/Lepidus
Noah Putterman
Sid Solomon
Will Sturdivant
Portia/Popilius Lena
Kathleen Wise

Artistic Staff

 Director Rob Melrose
 Set Designer Neil Patel
 Costume Designer
Candice Donnelly
 Lighting Designer
Michael Chybowski
 Sound Designer
Cliff Caruthers
 Video Design Shawn Sagady
 Fight Director Felix Ivanoff
               Voice and Speech Consultant
Andrew Wade
 Text Editing Rob Melrose and Ian Belknap
 Production Stage Manager Richard Costabile
 Assistant Stage Manager
Meg Friedman
 Staff Repertory Director Adriana Baer 


cast photo of Julius Caesar
cast photo of Julius Caesar
cast photo of Julius Caesar
cast photo of Julius Caesar
cast photo of Julius Caesar
production photos by Heidi Bohnenkamp


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