Tales from Hollywood

September 15 - October 27, 2012 on the Wurtele Thrust Stage

Critics are singing the praises of Tales from Hollywood! Read the reviews.

Lights! Camera! Aktion! Where did German writers and other artists go when they escaped the rise of the Third Reich? To Hollywood, of course. Hampton mines the oddness of German intellectuals in Tinseltown for both humor and humanity. Featuring theater pioneer Bertolt Brecht and novelists Thomas and Heinrich Mann, Tales from Hollywood is narrated by Ödön von Horváth, a real-life Eastern European playwright. Horváth is our guide through the story – of writers who barely speak English being asked to write a sequel to Bedtime for Bonzo, of émigrés struggling with their new home and all that infernal California sunshine, of exiles trying to forget old demons and reconcile choices they’ve made in the past. Featuring a large ensemble cast, Tales from Hollywood is Hampton’s favorite play and often considered his best. Winner of the Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy.

"If the rest of the season proves to be as intellect-tickling and toothsome as this first offering ... this golden anniversary promises to be a strong one." ~Pioneer Press 

This production contains mature subject matter, adult language, smoking and nudity. Strobe lights are used in this production.
Run Time: 2 hours and 35 minutes including one intermission


Helen Schwartz
Julia Coffey
Nelly Mann
Allison Daugherty
Thomas Mann
Bob Davis
Heinrich Mann
Keir Dullea
Katja Mann
Laura Esping
Angel/Toni Spuhler
Summer Hagen
Marta Feuchtwanger
Charity Jones
Salka Viertel
Barbara Kingsley
Art Nicely/Lion Feuchtwanger
Bill McCallum
Kris L. Nelson
Odon von Horvath
Lee Sellars
Charles Money/Jacob Lomakhin
Dan Shor
Young Man
John Skelley
Helen Weigel
Anna Sundberg
Bertolt Brecht
Stephen Yoakam


Artistic Staff

Ethan McSweeny
Set Designer
Lee Savage
Costume Designer
Andrea Lauer
Lighting Designer
Robert Wierzel
Sound Designer
Robert Kaplowitz
Projection Designer
Jason H. Thompson
Jo Holcomb
Voice and Dialect Coach
Lucinda Holshue
Marcela Lorca
Stage Manager
Karen K. Wegner
         Assistant Stage Manager
Meaghan Rosenberger
Assistant Director
Jon Ferguson



photo of Tales from Hollywood
photo of Tales from Hollywood
photo of Tales from Hollywood
photo of Tales from Hollywood
photo of Tales from Hollywood
Tales from Hollywood Opening Night
Mayors Proclaim Christopher Hampton Day
Tales from Hollywood Opening Night
Tales from Hollywood Opening night
production photos by Michael Brosilow; opening night photos by Heidi Bohnenkamp


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