Time Stands Still

April 07 - May 20, 2012 on the McGuire Proscenium Stage

"When I look through that little rectangle ... Time stops. It just ... All the noise around me ... Everything cuts out. And all I see ... is the picture."
~ Sarah Goodwin, Time Stands Still

From Pulitzer Prize-winner Donald Margulies comes a moving and often hilarious story of relationships, mid-life crisis and the ties of friendship. After barely surviving a bomb blast in Iraq, photojournalist Sarah Goodwin finds herself caught in a tug-of-war between her exhilarating career and the contentment of family life. Returning home into the care of her long-time lover James, Sarah's caught off guard by his desire for family and by the simple domestic life pursued by Richard, her editor, and his much younger girlfriend Mandy.

From New York to Los Angeles and Boston to Charleston, critics and audiences can't stop talking about Time Stands Still, calling it "compelling," "engrossing" and as "timely as today's headlines." Don't miss your chance to see this theatrical phenomenon at the Guthrie.

This production contains strong language and mature themes. Recommended for ages 16 and up.

Run Time: 2 hours 10 minutes including one intermission.


               Sarah Goodwin
Sarah Agnew
James Dodd
Bill McCallum
Richard Ehrlich
Mark Benninghofen
Mandy Bloom
Valeri Mudek

Artistic Staff

Joe Dowling
Set Designer
Walt Spangler
Costume Designer
Christine A. Richardson
Lighting Designer
Tom Mays
Sound Designer
Scott W. Edwards
Jo Holcomb
Voice and Dialect Coach
D'Arcy Smith
Marcela Lorca
Stage Manager
Martha Kulig
Assistant Stage Manager
Meaghan Rosenberger
Assistant Director
Jon Ferguson


Time Stands Still at the Guthrie Theater
Time Stands Still at the Guthrie Theater
Time Stands Still at the Guthrie Theater
Time Stands Still at the Guthrie Theater
Time Stands Still at the Guthrie Theater
Time Stands Still at the Guthrie Theater
Time Stands Still at the Guthrie Theater
Time Stands Still at the Guthrie Theater
Time Stands Still at the Guthrie Theater
Photos by T. Charles Erickson





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