Propeller's Twelfth Night and The Taming of the Shrew Reviews

The Taming of the Shrew reviews

"It might be the best Shakespeare you'll encounter this decade or the next."--Pioneer Press

"A production that is wholly "accessible, enjoyable and gripping. -The Public Reviews

"A faultlessly delivered and edgy interpretation." - Diss Express

"A modern retelling...particularly sympathetic to the female point of view." - Norwich Evening News


Twelfth Night reviews

"The essence of the show is innovation and surprise, yet through it all Shakespeare's tale of love, deception, betrayal, mistaken identity and debauchery shines through with perfectly enunciated dialogue and exquisitely expressed emotion." - British Theatre Guide

"Truly an ensemble piece with every member of the fifteen-strong cast making a valuable contribution, not least in their mastery of musical instruments as Propeller's music and rhythms run through the whole performance." - British Theatre Guide

"Excitingly original, brilliantly inventive, thrilling and very fast moving, it kept three coachloads of teenagers hanging on every word and the discussions in the interval and after the show were animated and exhilarated. This is Twelfth Night-but not as you know it. I can only echo Olivia's ‘most wonderful.'" - British Theatre Guide

"As an ensemble the company sparks and fizzes with each other as though it's playing with electricity... Propeller has once again served up a delicious cocktail of Shakespeare with a twist. Bitter but playful, this production utterly beautiful to watch. And as for the cross-gartering? Zounds! Thou art in for a surprise!" -

"The efficiency with which the cast tell a complex story; clever cutting of well-known texts that could whiff of sacrilege, and this, one of his best-loved plays, was literally smoke and mirrors...Propeller lives up to expectation, sky high and, so far as I'm concerned, in the artistic jet stream. Find it and go." -

Praise for Propeller

"I've decided never to miss another Propeller show again." - The Times

"Edward Hall's all-male Propeller company seldom fails to surprise and delight." - Mail on Sunday

"Never an ensemble to do anything by halves..." - The Guardian