Universal Access Symbols: wheelchair, ASL, open captioning, audio description, large print, Braille, assistive listening, restrooms and parking

The Guthrie strives to make its facility and performances accessible to all patrons. For questions and ticket information or if you need assistance, please call the Box Office at 612.377.2224 (voice) or 1.877.447.8243 (voice).

If you have specific program questions or need an accommodation not mentioned below, please contact the Accessibility Office by phone at 612.225.6390 (voice) or e-mail at accessibility@guthrietheater.org.

Access programs at the Guthrie are sponsored by:

      Xcel Energy Foundation

Text version of the Guthrie Access Programs slideshow 



Mobility Impairments»

Wheelchair & Accessible Seating
Courtesy Wheelchairs
Restrooms and Parking & Directions

Visual Impairments»

Audio Description
Sensory Tours
Braille & Large Print materials
Restrooms and Parking & Directions

Hearing Impairments»

Assistive Listening System
ASL Interpretation and ASL Backstage Tours
Open Captioning
Restrooms and Parking & Directions

Additional Information»

Patron Services and Concierge Desks
Accessibility Outreach and Recognition
Public Transportation
Contact Information