WINTER'S TALE Opening Night a Smashing Success!

Posted on Feb 11, 2011 at 3:22 p.m. by sarak

The Winter's Tale Opening Night a Smashing Success! (Feb 4)
by Sara Kelly, Public Relations Intern
with photography from intern Brigitte Norby


We began our night attempting to get to know the life behind the party, Paul and Eric, the Guthrie's resident DJs, who have been mixin' cool vibes since 2008. Both are members of the group The Alarmists and met by chance when Paul, a talented graphic designer, made a poster for Eric's band. Eric also produces his own music and Paul does freelance work for Summit Brewing.

The party continued as we ran into a plethora of freshmen from the UofM/Guthrie Theater B.F.A. Actor Training program roaming the corridors. We were curious to know what the up-and-coming Minneapolis talent had to say about the opening show. Anna Petrovski, Arusi Santesteban, Pegeen Lamb and Eric Weiman (pictured left to right) were all enthralled by the acting talents of Helen Carey (We Are Married, Death of a Salesman) who played Paulina in this year's production of The Winter's Tale. All of the students looked forward to the possibility of meeting her.

Kara (above) said that Paulina was the "grounding force on stage" and added real heart to the show. She also loved how the balance between the two worlds was portrayed and said the only thing missing from the show was a bear-skinned rug at curtain call. Sam loved the music in The Winter's Tale, and said that the music from his high school production of the same show wasn't nearly as good. Thank heavens for that!

Mara pointed out that Michele has great taste in plays (and striped shirts!), and his favorite part of any play is when the name of the play is stated in the show.

Production photo by T. Charles Erickson

Others commented on the playful music and dancing in Bohemia, and lots of people certainly took a liking to the bear that appears at the end of the first act. Tune in soon for a Guthrie Digital Short starring the bear from The Winter's Tale, put together by the sweat and tears (and possibly blood) of the Guthrie's multimedia intern!