The Guthrie Theater presents

The New Griots Festival

Dowling Studio


About the show

The New Griots Festival aims to highlight, celebrate and advance the careers of emerging Black artists in the Twin Cities. The festival features the work of 10 local artists and free artist-taught community classes. Programming was chosen through a proposal process, and participating artists receive two performances over the two weekends.

Performance descriptions

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About The New Griots Festival

The New Griots Festival is dedicated to celebrating, advocating, and advancing the careers of emerging Black artists in the Twin Cities.

About Level Nine

A groundbreaking initiative

Through the Level Nine Series, we’ve devoted our ninth floor to access for all and the creation of theater that wrestles with urgent questions and inspires dialogue. 

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Jan 11 – Feb 16
A story of identity and belonging

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Grey Rock 

January 23–26
Only 5 performances

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Twelfth Night 

Feb 8 – March 22 
A romantic Shakespeare comedy

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