The Parchman Hour

by Mike Wiley
directed by Patricia McGregor

McGuire Proscenium Stage


Songs and stories of the ’61 Freedom Riders

At the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, brave women and men of all backgrounds said goodbye to their families, boarded buses and headed into the Deep South to battle discrimination. Arrested and imprisoned in Mississippi’s notorious Parchman Farm Penitentiary, these Freedom Riders endured by creating a nightly variety show called “The Parchman Hour.” The Parchman Hour is a captivating play with music, one that reveals a defining chapter in American history while celebrating the hope and resilience of a community that joined together to stand against segregation.


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The songs and stories of the '61 Freedom Riders.

Studio Sessions

Zonya Love (Pearl / L. Collins) sings "Lord Remember Me" from The Parchman Hour.


The cast of The Parchman Hour. Photo by Dan Norman.  

David Darrow (Elwood / H. Thomas) and the cast of The Parchman Hour. Photo by Dan Norman. 

Zonya Love (Pearl / L.Collins) and the cast of The Parchman Hour. Photo by Dan Norman.  

The cast of The Parchman Hour. Photo by Dan Norman.  

The cast of The Parchman Hour. Photo by Dan Norman.  

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'We were immortal': Another era when black lives mattered gives birth to Guthrie's 'Parchman Hour'

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'Guthrie Theater’s ‘The Parchman Hour’ packs powerful, relevant civics lesson'

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Sam Bardwell

Actor 1- Forsyth/ Stephen Green

Nathan Barlow

Actor 12 - Freddie Leonard

Cat Brindisi

Actor 9 - Carol Silver

Whitney Maris Brown

Actor 3 - Mama Forsyth/ J. T. Mulholland

David Darrow

Actor 4 - Elwood/ H. Thomas

Kevin R. Free

Actor 7 - James Farmer

Katherine Fried

Actor 2 - Janie Forsyth/ Mimi Real

Terry Hempleman

Actor 10 - Deputy Tyson

Jared Joseph

Actor 6 - John Lewis

Zonya Love

Actor 5 - Pearl/ L. Collins

Stephen Conrad Moore

Actor 11 - Pee-Wee

Kory LaQuess Pullam

Actor 8 - Stokely Carmichael

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Joseph Haj

Artistic Director

Mike Wiley


Patricia McGregor


Sanford L. Moore

Music Director

Clint Ramos

Scenic Designer

Katherine Oneill

Costume Designer

Jiyoun Chang

Lighting Designer

Luqman Brown

Sound Designer

Tom Mays

Projection Designer

Jo Holcomb


Jill Walmsley Zager

Vocal Coach

Justin Hossle

Stage Manager

Nate Stanger

Assistant Stage Manager

H. Adam Harris

Assistant Director

Carl Flink

Movement Director

Mira K. Kehoe

Assistant Vocal Coach

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