Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare
directed by Joseph Haj
Wurtele Thrust Stage

Back by popular demand

A timeless tale of star-crossed lovers

It’s a story so well-known it scarcely needs an introduction, yet surprisingly the Guthrie has produced it just twice before. Set in Verona where the rival houses of Capulet and Montague have had a long-standing feud, Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeare’s famous tragedy of star-crossed lovers, filled with all the passion of young love. Underscored by ingenious wit and astonishing beauty, the play pits the bitterness of resentment against the intensity of romance. 



Discover how Romeo and Juliet Fight Director Kara Wooten turned her mother’s Southern cotillion dream into an empowering career of choreographing fights for the stage. 


Each week the Montague and Capulet crews get inked up on what is now known as Tattoosday. 

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A story so well-known it scarcely needs an introduction.


Kate Eastman (Juliet) and Ryan-James Hatanaka (Romeo) in Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Jenny Graham.

The cast of Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Jenny Graham.

Shá Cage (Lady Capulet), Kate Eastman (Juliet) and Candace Barrett Birk (Nurse) in Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Jenny Graham.

Ryan-James Hatanaka (Romeo), Kate Eastman (Juliet) and John Catron (Paris) in Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Jenny Graham.

James A. Williams (Friar Lawrence), Ryan-James Hatanaka (Romeo) and Kate Eastman (Juliet) in Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Jenny Graham.

Stan Demidoff (Tybalt), Conor O’Brien, Kelsey Didion (Mercutio), Jason Paul Andrews, Lamar Jefferson (Benvolio) in Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Jenny Graham.

Ryan-James Hatanaka (Romeo) and Kate Eastman (Juliet) in Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Jenny Graham.

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Romeo and Juliet “unfolds with humor, lust and heartbreaking pathos.”

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“This reimagined Romeo would be worth seeing for the balcony scene alone.”

Read the City Pages review.   

Television feature

Ryan-James Hatanaka (Romeo) and Kate Eastman (Juliet) sat down with KARE 11’s Pat Evans to chat about their Guthrie debuts, young love and the thrill of playing two iconic characters.



Candace Barrett Birk


Shá Cage

Lady Capulet

John Catron


Stan Demidoff


Kelsey Didion


Kate Eastman

Juliet Capulet

Corey Farrell

Potpan /Paris' Page

Ryan-James Hatanaka

Romeo Montague

Lamar Jefferson


Charity Jones

Lady Montague

Damian Leverett

Gregory /Friar John

Bill McCallum

Prince of Verona

Jason Rojas


Andrew Weems

Lord Capulet

James A. Williams

Friar Lawrence

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Placeholder for William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare


Joseph Haj


Anna Louizos

Scenic Designer

Jennifer Moeller

Costume Designer

Josh Epstein

Lighting Designer

Vincent Olivieri

Sound Designer

Victor Zupanc


Carla Steen


Jill Walmsley Zager

Vocal Coach

Kara Wooten

Fight Director

Justin Hossle

Stage Manager

Katie Hawkinson

Assistant Stage Manager

Kelsey Didion

Dance Captain

Linda Talcott Lee

Movement Consultant

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