The Guthrie Theater presents a Full Circle Theater production of


directed by RICK SHIOMI
Dowling Studio

Back by popular demand

Christopher Chen’s highly entertaining dark comedy doesn’t begin onstage — it opens with an art exhibition featuring the work of Chinese artist Lin Bo. After the audience views his art and takes their seats, Bo arrives and shares stories about his life and work as a dissident artist in China. But when a New York reporter and her editor join him onstage, everything shifts and nothing is what it seems, leaving the audience to question what is real, what is illusion and what is a figment of their imagination.

Established in 2014, Full Circle Theater is dedicated to producing heartfelt, groundbreaking theater that artfully addresses issues of human nature and social justice. Their production of Under This Roof was part of the 2017–2018 Dowling Studio Season.



Lin Bo   Brian Kim* 
Lin Bo   Gregory Yang (performance on June 1 at 1 p.m.)     
Wang Min

Katie Bradley* (May 17–25)

Wang Min Kathryn Fumie (May 29 – June 2)
Bob Edwin Strout
Joyce Erika Kuhn
Curator Shana Eisenberg
Docent Marcos Lopez
Docent Nathan R. Stenberg
Docent Elizabeth Cates 
Docent Wendy Matsutani

Creative Team 

Director Rick Shiomi
Assistant Director Martha B. Johnson 
Lighting Designer Tom Mays
Costume Designer Khamphian Vang   
Scenery Designer Mina Kinukawa
Sound Designer Quinci Bachman 
Dramaturg        Martha J. Johnson 

Chinese Language and Culture Consultant

Rose Chu
Stage Manager

Sarah Perron 

Directing Apprentice   

Katie Ka Vang

Art Exhibit Consultant   

Nanette Hanks

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association

A groundbreaking initiative

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