2021–2022 Season

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New season ticket packages go on sale August 10. General sales begin September 21.

Together again 

Our return season, like all Guthrie seasons, offers an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary works that present forever-relevant themes and shared human experiences. Along the way, hope shows up in unexpected places and reminds us that healing is possible — especially when we seek it together.

Whether you’re returning to the Guthrie or joining us for the first time, there’s a seat at the theater waiting for you.

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My hope is that this season will celebrate all that the theater is meant to be while extending hope and healing to everyone in our community.

Joseph Haj, Artistic Director

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What the Constitution Means to Me
directed by OLIVER BUTLER
September 30 ‒ October 24, 2021
McGuire Proscenium Stage

An achingly human, hopeful new play

Fifteen-year-old Heidi earned her college tuition by winning Constitutional debate competitions across the U.S. In this hilarious, hopeful and achingly human new play, she resurrects her teenage self in order to trace the profound relationship between four generations of women and the founding document that shaped their lives. Nominated for two Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize finalist, Schreck’s boundary-breaking show breathes new life into our Constitution and imagines how it will shape the next generation of Americans. The Guthrie is proud to be a stop on the national tour of this timely and galvanizing work.

Tickets go on sale August 17, 2021. 

A Christmas Carol
directed by JOSEPH HAJ
November 6 – December 27, 2021
Wurtele Thrust Stage

A timeless holiday tale

A miserly and miserable man, Ebenezer Scrooge greets each Christmas with “Bah! Humbug!” until he is visited one Christmas Eve by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come. In Charles Dickens’ beloved classic, the three spirits show Scrooge happy memories from his past, difficult realities from the present and a grim future should he continue his closed-hearted ways. This world-premiere adaptation stays faithful to the text and invites audiences to experience the wonder of the holiday season through all-new scenery, costumes, props, lighting and sound. 

Tickets go on sale September 7, 2021. 

A Raisin in the Sun
directed by AUSTENE VAN
January 8 – February 13, 2022
McGuire Proscenium Stage

An essential American play

“What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” In 1951, poet Langston Hughes posed these questions, and Lorraine Hansberry answered with a theatrical masterpiece that broke down racial barriers both on and off the stage. The play follows the three-generation Younger family as they grapple with different definitions of the American dream and how to achieve it. When the matriarch, Lena, buys a home in an all-white neighborhood, the Youngers are greeted by thinly veiled racism and financial pitfalls that threaten to pull the family apart and push their dreams out of reach.

Tickets go on sale September 21, 2021. 

The Tempest
directed by JOE DOWLING
February 26 – April 16, 2022
Wurtele Thrust Stage

A parable of reconciliation

Prospera, the former Duchess of Milan, has spent many embittered years stranded on an island after being usurped by her ruthless brother, Antonio. Her only comforts are her daughter, Miranda, and her own magical powers, which Prospera uses to conjure a storm that brings several shipwreck survivors ashore, Antonio included. But when her intricate revenge plot puts Miranda’s future at risk, Prospera is caught between her desire to reclaim her rightful rule and her unwavering love for her daughter. Former Artistic Director Joe Dowling returns to the Guthrie to direct one of Shakespeare’s final and most heartfelt plays.

Tickets go on sale September 21, 2021. 

Destiny of Desire
April 30 – June 5, 2022
McGuire Proscenium Stage

A music-filled comedy

The joys, tribulations and plot twists of epic love are bursting onstage in Karen Zacarías’ brilliantly funny homage to the telenovela. On a stormy night in Bellarica, Mexico, two babies are born — one into a life of outlandish wealth, and one into a life of poverty. When the newborns are swapped by a ruthless ex-beauty queen, the stage is set for two outrageous misfortunes to grow into an extraordinary destiny. Directed with wit and verve by Tony Award winner Ruben Santiago-Hudson and filled with vibrant choreography and live music, this exuberant production explores the emotional rollercoaster and social commentary that make the telenovela the most popular form of storytelling on the planet.

Tickets go on sale September 21, 2021. 

based on the novel by JANE AUSTEN
June 18 – August 21, 2022
Wurtele Thrust Stage

A playful twist on a classic

Emma Woodhouse prides herself on being a matchmaker with an impeccable track record, much to the chagrin of her dear friend Mr. Knightley. Her latest scheme revolves around the sweet Harriet Smith, whom Emma advises to reject a perfectly good marriage proposal in favor of another eligible bachelor. However, her best-laid plans are turned upside down by unpredictable displays of affection, unexpected rivals and Emma’s sudden realization that true love may have been under her nose all along. With screwball comedy and surprises aplenty, this fresh, fast-paced adaptation interprets the Jane Austen classic with delightfully unconventional flair.

Tickets go on sale September 21, 2021. 

directed by TBA
July 16 – August 21, 2022
McGuire Proscenium Stage

A Pulitzer Prize-winning drama

Reading, Pennsylvania, is a blue-collar town with generations of hardworking folks, many of whom work at Olstead’s factory and down cold beers together after hours. But the post-Y2K economy is changing, NAFTA is a new reality and rumors fly about layoffs. Promotions and pride inevitably collide, forming cracks in decades-old friendships that crumble when the factory breaks with the union. From the politically charged opening scene to its electrifying conclusion, Sweat boldly confronts issues of race, immigration, deindustrialization and the ever-slipping grip on middle-class life — all with Nottage’s signature humor and heart.

Tickets go on sale September 21, 2021. 

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Season tickets
New season ticket packages for A Raisin in the Sun, The Tempest, Emma, Sweat and Destiny of Desire go on sale August 10. General sales begin September 21. Season ticket holders will receive priority seating for What the Constitution Means to Me and A Christmas Carol before they go on sale to single ticket buyers.

Single tickets

  • August 17: What the Constitution Means to Me
  • September 7: A Christmas Carol
  • September 21: A Raisin in the SunThe TempestEmma, Sweat and Destiny of Desire

Single ticket prices for all shows, excluding A Christmas Carol, range from $15 to $80; A Christmas Carol ranges from $15 to $134. Discounts are available for students, seniors and children.

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