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Theater spaces

Wurtele Thrust Stage

Our unique thrust stage reaches out into the audience. With a total of 1,100 seats on three sides - and opportunities for actors to enter and exit the stage via backstage, an intricate collection of trap doors and elevators, and directly through the audience - patrons are at the center of the action.

McGuire Proscenium Stage

Our 700-seat proscenium stage features a "picture frame" rectangular opening, allowing the entire audience to experience the play from the same vantage point - straight on - a perspective not possible on a thrust stage. The majority of late 19th-century and virtually all of 20th-century drama is best suited to a proscenium stage.

Dowling Studio

The 200-seat Dowling Studio, a “black box” theater, complements our programming and provides a totally flexible and well-equipped performance space to extend the theater's aesthetic, cultural and community connection.

A 21st-century dream factory

Time Magazine

Brazen, outrageous and wonderful – a building as drama queen.


A captivating building that is a singular presence

Los Angeles Times

Building highlights

The Amber Box on the ninth floor is cantilevered 15’ from the face of the building, and provides a near 360-degree view. 

The Endless Bridge, one of the most noteworthy features, is a cantilever that extends 178’ from the face of the building.

Production images on the walls and ceilings are printed on approximately 7,000 sheets of thin airmail paper.

Lightbox images from past productions line the lobby walls of the proscenium and thrust stages. Images even lurk in the mirrors of the Level Five Café. 

"Ghost" images from past productions that grace our exterior.

Our 20,000-square-foot onsite scene shop, where scenery is built and painted, simplifies the scenery building process. 

On Level Four, guests may sneak a peek into the backstage area between our main stages by peering through a signature blue wall.

Our onsite costume shop features a wig shop, paint and dye shop, costume crafts and wardrobe.

The production link is a vital connection between our scene shop and our stages, allowing large scenery to roll from one to the other.

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